Sunday, 2 June 2013

REVIEW: Babyliss Ceramic Straightening Brush

Hey guys, quick review on something I bought the other day. I've been interested in getting one of these since I saw Lisa Eldrige talk about it on one of her youtube videos about her favourite hair styling tools and products. Whenever I wash my hair I tend to leave it wrapped up in a towel for a  good while while I put lotion and moisturiser on, and by the time I take the towel off my head my hair has dried to the damp stage. I have a big habit of tucking my hair behind my ears, so whenever I do this with my wet hair I get a gigantic fabulous kink when my hair has fully dried, even after using the hair dryer.

So I bought this! 

Here's the brush open and closed normally.

It's really easy to use, and the little vents on either side of the brush allow hot hair to easily pass through.

And it comes with two sectioning clips as well, though I don't use those.

I have to say I really like this product. When I use it I brush my hair through first to get ride of knots, then I divide my hair into two, and clamp individual sections with the brush and bring the brush down slowly while passing hot air through the length of the vent. Here are my results:

Pretty happy with the results. Bear in mind that my hair is naturally straight and the front part of my hair was cut so it would feather towards my face. 

I very rarely do anything to my hair - I wash, dry and that's pretty much it. But this method I think will help me not get the gigantic kink from putting my hair behind my ear. I'm sitting here typing this now and I haven't been tempted to put my hair behind my ears, since my newly dried hair isn't really moving or getting in my face. 

- Less than £10 for the brush, you could get these instead of straighteners if you wanted.
- Works, and is easy to use.

- I wish the brush came with a case so I could put the brush in a case with the clips. I'm afraid that I'll one day I'll need the clips for some reason then realise I can't find them. Right now I'm just leaving the brush and the clips on the floor next to my hair dryer.
- Some who prefer super perfect hair may find that these don't create the perfect straight hair in comparison to straighteners.   


I really like this, I'll probably use it quite often whenever I wash my hair. 

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